Extendicare Guildwood

Extendicare Guildwood - SHN Final Report – Preamble

To our Extendicare Guildwood Community,

Attached here you will find the final report prepared by the Scarborough Health Network on the COVID-19 outbreak at Extendicare Guildwood.

While the management agreement concluded on September 10, Extendicare Guildwood and SHN have developed a strong and effective partnership and continue to work closely in the best interests of our residents.

Since the outbreak was declared over on July 6, 2020, SHN and Extendicare Guildwood have focused relentlessly on infection prevention and control with on-site support for staff and leaders. We have implemented a three-month transition strategy with regular meetings, on-site visits from SHN representatives and monthly check-ins with the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

We want to thank SHN for their partnership in helping to improve the home’s situation during such a challenging time for our community. We also want to thank Extendicare Guildwood’s families and dedicated staff for their support in an exceptionally difficult time.