Extendicare Guildwood

Our Difference

We understand the decision to transition to long-term care is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We want to ensure your decision is a positive one. Below are some of our home’s points of difference:

The calendar is always full. You can be as active as you like.

For some people, the key to living better is filling every day with meaningful activities that bring people together, build bonds and create shared experiences.

Whether it’s tapping the power of music to engage a resident with dementia, attending worship services, participating in exercise classes, or reminiscing with a friendly volunteer, there’s always something going on at Extendicare Guildwood. Check “News & Events”

Here, residents lead active and engaged lives.

This is home. Your home.

We want you to feel at home. We’ll support you in becoming an active and engaged member of your new community and enjoy life to the best of your ability.

We have a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Not only do we work very hard to integrate residents into our community and feel at home, we’re also committed to making families feel at home here too. The following are some of the measures we take to help our residents settle in and also help family members feel comfortable and get involved:

  • Admissions Welcome: Upon admission, family members and new residents meet Department Heads as well as the new resident’s Primary Caregiver to immediately begin establishing a relationship of trust.
  • Admission Day Lunch: We serve a complimentary lunch to family members on Admission Day so they can stay close with their loved one during this very stressful time.
  • Spousal and Family Support Group: We have a Spousal and Family Support Group run by our Social Worker.
  • Family Council: We have a very active Family Council that takes the initiative in organizing outings and activities for residents and we encourage new family members to join and get involved.
  • Family Participation: Family members are encouraged and welcomed to participate in activities with their loved one.
  • Lay Minister: Our lay minister is very active with residents and family members and is especially supportive during the Palliative Care Stage.
  • Quarterly Memorial Service: We host a quarterly Memorial Service and invite family members to join us in celebrating their loved ones who have passed away.
  • Resident Care Plan: Family members, along with their loved one participate actively in all aspects of the development of the resident’s Care Plan.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: We produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter, which is distributed to all family members to keep them informed and included.
  • Open Door Policy: We have an open door policy so whenever a family member wants to talk, we’re here to listen.

We connect you to the community.

Maintaining strong connections to others is essential to keeping people active and involved.

Getting you out into the community and bringing the community into our home is important to your quality of life. Here are some of the ways in which the residents and staff get involved with the community, and how the community connects with us:

  • Resident Outings: We organize outings once every month for residents and they can include everything from shopping, lunch, and a trip to Niagara Falls to touring Edwards Gardens and a picnic at Pickering Beach.
  • Christmas Lights Tour: Every Christmas, our residents are taken on a tour of the city to enjoy the bright festive lights.
  • 4Life Foundation: We work with a local “4Life Foundation” in their DL 4Life program which brings young people into our home to program playlists for individual residents in our Music and memory program.
  • Fall Colours Tour: Each fall, we take a tour to see the beautiful seasonal colours.
  • Student Placement Opportunities: We provide placement opportunities for students from the RN, RPN and PSW, Dietary and Social Work programs at local colleges and universities. We also offer opportunities to international students as well.
  • Community Service Opportunities: We also provide opportunities for local high school students to earn their 40 hour community service credit.
  • Intergenerational Program: Our Intergenerational Program brings elementary and high school students into our home to spend an afternoon with our residents and talk, read, play games, do puzzles and work on crafts together.
  • Maplewood High School: We work with Maplewood High School to provide opportunities for students with learning disabilities to work in our kitchen, laundry and housekeeping operations to gain valuable work experience.
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Club: Staff and residents organize an annual canned food drive in support of the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club canned food drive.
  • Timeless Ball: Every year, we host the “Timeless Ball” with the Guildwood Village Community Association. It’s formal black tie affair that involves the entire community.
  • August Garden Party: For over 15 years we have hosted an annual August Garden Party, which is open to the community and attended by local politicians, dignitaries and executives from Extendicare.
  • Caribbean Celebration: In July each year we also host a Caribbean Celebration with singers, a barbeque and Caribbean food.
  • Guildwood Parade: Each June our staff and residents participate in the Guildwood Parade, a community walk through Guildwood Village.
  • Elder Abuse Network: Our Administrator sits on the Elder Abuse Network committee.