Extendicare Guildwood

How we help enrich lives

If we are going to help our residents live better, then it is our responsibility to offer them every opportunity to be actively engaged and involved. At Extendicare Guildwood, we provide social and recreational services seven days a week - including holidays. These services are designed to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our residents. All activities are developed, organized and led by qualified staff and we offer both group and individualized services to meet residents’ unique needs and circumstances. Examples of our recreational services and activities include:

  • Snozelen Room: Our Snozelen Room is a sensory stimulation environment with lights, smells, tactile surfaces and sounds for residents with dementia. Sights, smells textures and sounds are geared to the resident’s personal history and it is very effective in calming agitated residents and creating positive responses.
  • Music and Memory: Through our Music and Memory program, residents living with dementia can have their own personal playlist loaded on an i-pod and listen with earphones to their favourite music. Young people from the 4Life Foundation work with residents and family members to create playlists for residents participating in the program.
  • Live Entertainment: Twice a week we enjoy live entertainment featuring a variety of performers from the community.
  • Music Therapy: Once a week, our Certified Music Therapist works with small groups using music and song to stimulate reminiscing, conversation, movement and social interaction.
  • Art Therapy: Once weekly, our Certified Art Therapist meets with residents once a month to work on individual art projects.
  • Gardening Group: Our Gardening Group allows residents to give their green thumbs a workout in our raised beds growing vegetables and flowers.
  • Intergenerational Program: In our weekly Intergenerational Program, preschoolers, elementary and high school students come to our home to play games, sign songs read books and more with residents. Even the most reclusive residents enjoy being able to interact with them.
  • Physiotherapy: We also hold daily physiotherapy exercise classes for residents in need of specialized exercise.
  • Seated Exercise Program: As well we hold twice-weekly seated exercise programs that focus on balance, strength, range of motion and dance movement before lunch so residents are sure to work up an appetite.
  • Bowling: Real bowling and Wii bowling are regular weekly activities that many residents really enjoy.
  • Poetry Appreciation Group: Our Poetry Appreciation Group meets once a month.
  • Movie Night: Every Saturday night is movie night.
  • Bingo: Bingo is a twice-weekly staple most residents look forward too.
  • Sing-along Group: We have a weekly sing-along group.
  • Monthly Birthday Bash: We always have a Monthly Birthday Bash complete with cake, candles, cards and a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday to You!”

We also offer a wide range of physiotherapy, cognitive, speech and occupational therapies according to the needs of our residents. Currently we offer:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Music Therapist
  • Art Therapist
  • Social Worker