Extendicare Guildwood

Extendicare Guildwood is Out of COVID-19 Outbreak

To our Extendicare Guildwood Community,

We are happy to announce Toronto Public Health has officially declared Extendicare Guildwood out of outbreak.

This outbreak was very difficult for everyone in our Extendicare Guildwood community and we thank you for your support. Our hearts mourn the residents who passed away during this COVID-19 outbreak. Honouring the lives of these individuals is of utmost importance to us and we are looking at ways to safely facilitate a memorial with residents and team members in our home.

COVID-19 remains a threat in our communities and Extendicare Guildwood and SHN are committed to keeping our residents safe. We will continue following directives set by the Ministry of Health and Public Health, appropriate PPE protocols, screening and monitoring residents and staff, and enhanced environmental cleaning measures.

If there are any critical changes, we will keep you informed.

We are all in this together.